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Invention description

Mega Anchor is a unique foundation system used for house building, fencing and other structures. It features a geometric Tripod configuration. A Mini piling system that accommodates galvanized steel piles in the ground to form a pile group. The Mega anchor system is suitable for cyclone, Earthquake, flood, fire, termite and white ant areas. It is suited to most soil conditions The Mega Anchor replaces the use of stumps and piers in supporting housing and structures of all types. It is manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel. Features: Quick and ease of installation, No digging holes, No concrete required No heavy equipment, No costly excavations required on sloping sites. The mega anchor has proven to be a cost effective building solution in Australia and nearby islands where transport and site conditions are difficult. Mega Anchor has sustainable competitive advantage.

Advantages of this invention

Environmental Advantages - Minimum environment impact (small footprint) - Materials are non-polluting to the environment - Mega Anchors are removable, reusable and recyclable Sloping sites Mega anchor foundations eliminates the need for costly excavation and drainage on sloping sites witch also prevents against erosion and enables the home to be designed to run with the natural contour of the land it also allows for natural ventilation underneath the house witch assists with cooling in the summer Installation - Quick and easy to install - No post holes required - No concrete required - Minimal site preparation required - No heavy lifting - Temporary or permanent - No need for heavy machinery - Full load bearing immediately after installation - Height adjustable - Light weight and easily transported - Impervious to termites and moisture - All weather, all terrain, anywhere - All steel construction - Structural members installed immediately (no waiting for concrete to dry) Superior geometric configuration - Supports vertical downward forces, lateral forces and uplift forces Maximizing floor space - Leave under floor area neat and tidy and maximizes space for access, ducting and other services - No excavation required Cladding Types Simple easy and adaptable to suit a wide range of cladding and insulation types

Inventor : Robert Lawson
Contact :

Patent Number : 6,298,618

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