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Sliding Device
Sliding DeviceWe are currently seeking investors and manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention.
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Invention description

The invention is used in the furniture industry and is used by home user to move heavy furniture like wardrobes, cabinets and various typo dimensions from one place to another, for decoration or redecoration of the house without make a great effort and with minimum effort .

Advantages of this invention

- Moving heavy furniture with minimum effort - No longer scratch the floor or linoleum on the floor with furniture Translation - Handling simple, light furniture, cabinets, etc. - Safety and ease of use - Redecoration house whenever needed without requiring it to exercise greater - Low costs for implementation of the invention on manufacturers

Inventor : Stavar Iordan & Dan Corbeanu
Contact :

Patent Number : pending 2009

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Sliding Device
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