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Ambient Air Clothes Dryer
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Invention description

The ambient air clothes dryer is an automated device including a motor-powered rotating drum having a fan providing axial airflow through the drum. No dedicated heating element is provided. Some embodiments include a fan motor and an additionalmotor to rotate the drum, while other embodiments utilize a belt or other drive from the fan output shaft to drive a jackshaft to rotate the drum, thereby saving weight, complexity, and energy. Yet another embodiment may be devoid of any fan or aircirculation device, and may include only a motor to rotate the drum. This embodiment includes means for the removable and temporary installation of a conventional "box fan" therewith, to provide the air circulation required. Any or all of theembodiments may include a timer and/or humidity detector to provide for automatic shutoff of the fan and drum when the laundry is dry and/or a predetermined time has been reached.

Advantages of this invention

Energy savings , clothes don't fade, no elastic damage, clothes come out Fluffy and wrinkle free, similar drying time to heated dryers. mobile with wheels so it can be easily moved to the best drying place.

Inventor : Larry Wayne Ford
Contact :

Patent Number : 7178265 and 7340848

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