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Mountain Inc
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Invention description

Gaming ecceceries / bedding / kitchen / outdoor and in door's equipment / attire basket very handy indeed useful introducing to the nations the new TV's for all families in one room :) very unique and comfortable relaxing where ever you want to decorate your home in any room and way you want the price is right cause there is no revealing the new products and info more of these new ice breakers and bright ideas that are new to introduce my talents and brain fuse to help and show much support as well in my corner and my third eye to make it a better enviroment for your entertaintment and survival camping equipment . The new flash light yay aka flash life ect ect very unique smart cool and good to have on Any trip or dark place to see your way or stay warm and maybe just camp with the flash light if it rains or go fishing in a boat mmm very yummy info not yet revealed for the flash life. Till contacted on any products that are real and useful safe legit comfortbale kool new products the fish table the hidden decoration eating ecceceries very nice and kool not like having Polly in the corner asking for a cracker you can dine in with the fish not including there residence ect with pictures and lamps . Very so much to come and bring to you it's been a good 5 years till I decided to take this plunge and over come my self for the laws of attraction to never bit the hand that feeds you cause clothes mouths dont get fed, staying strong positive and and one of the greatests walks of life say . Hey just do it ;) . More to come . There for keep on trucking and take it one day at a time Focused not only for the benefit of the doubt you can't do it cause you don't want to ;) the new emralla's ;) hay omg what the new carpet** well come right in your welcome . Just slide off your skees and dash them on the heated seated shoe shelf . Very useful and well spacy - for warmer or cooler feet before the new walk. The gaming industries are doing very good as well as all thank you :) I'm grateful and exited to be apart of the WWIIA* as much as safety and protection for homes as well as the new camera wissle the flying drones or getting big now days maybe we can just make a good walking stove how about that :) well that's just plane old lazy the main products are these ladies and gentleman .* contact for the full ideas and invention from Mario stacks mountain aka mountain Inc. Yet as being apart of the music industry saving allot of work not put out as the days get older I found my self here and still going strong stacking my floe to help others stacking there doe as for the new sliding front door from top to bottom any decoration you want :) for your home car enterment and the new little dog home inside your home very neat cool for all pets maybe not Polly tho but for those of you reading thank you very much I'm so kind to also bring to you the new pillows sleep good or never have any kind of floppy bed pillows ever again ;) :) yummy fridge stove well more with that later I'm new to this so I dont relase much info unless contacted and is worth out good time to live learn and teach :) the greatest gift of choice is the choice cause thinking is for people who don't really know. For all living things and a greater purpose to expand the help in need to never turn down a shot indeed .****> This is not a hokes or gimic this is for real investors to find new inventors. ideas and

Advantages of this invention

every day use world wide , for all ages , and pets , keeping your home enviroment clean and safe.

Inventor : Mountain inc
Contact :

Patent Number : 5076161064

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