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Invention description

An atmospheric Nicotine Detector unit. To help police workplace non-smoking policies. Primarily designed for work vehicles, such as trucks hire cars and hotel rooms. Small and portable device, the size of an IPHONE. The unit takes in the surrounding air, passes through a series of carbon filters. This is to remove most of the large dust particles and most volatile organic compounds. When when the nicotine is detected, it will show in a see through window. This is done through a paper colour change method. From the paper's original colour to another colour. The nicotine particles will then go through to another section of the unit, where it will be bound by a crystal formula for later analysis. This is to further prove that the nicotine contamination, did occur. This formula has a 99% binding rate, an efficient nicotine particle remover. As well as other VOC's The unit can be modified in many ways to suit a customers need, ie installed directly into a vehicle. It also has a few anti-tamper features.

Advantages of this invention

To provide and promote healthy work environments, to all non-smokers as well as smokers. Help protect employers from future legal actions. In general to catch people breaking non-smoking laws.

Inventor : Joao Manuel De Menezes Oliveira
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Patent Number : Australian Patent Pending

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