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Anti - Vibration Digital Camera
Anti-vibration is an important feature in digital camera. This invention is about an image sensor that consists of convention image sensing pixels and fast read-out pixels for motion sensing (motion sensing pixels). Motion sensing pixels are far fewer than the image sensing pixels so that the quality of captured image will not be significantly affected by the missing data caused by the existence of the motion sensing pixels. Moreover, the missing data can be interpolated from the neighbor image sensing pixels. The operation of this image sensor is quite simple: Within normal exposure time, the motion sensing pixels are read out many times and after each read-out, the motion sensing pixels are reset for the next data capture. By comparing the subsequent read-out data from the motion sensing pixels, one can calculate how the image projected on the image sensor moves and hence compensate this motion by moving the image sensor in the same way. As a result, all the image sensing pixels are under sufficient exposure with minimal image blur. In other words, a sharp image with excellent color quality can be obtained. A Chinese invention patent.

Inventor : Dr. Terence Chan
Contact :

Patent Number : Patent number: 200610150575.7

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