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Thermal adaptive engine
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Invention description

An adaptive thermal engine to achieve variation of the displacement and / or the compression ratio to assure optimum combustion conditions and providing power to the load adaptation engine, with direct implications on growth power and reduced consumption. The adaptation of the automotive engine power to the car load during displacement or exploitation is an old problem that was solved by changing the compression ratio or stroke (the displacement) during engine operation. Existing solutions, tested in laboratory conditions, ensures an increase in power by about 30% and significantly reduce consumption given that, internationally, it could only be achieved compression ratio variation with impressive technical fireworks. Engine VCR&VD; presents some stroke variation mechanisms realized by modification of the basic configuration of the mechanism, keeping constant the crank radius with the change of TDC (Top Dead Centre) position and displacement during operation, and with the position adjustment of BDC (Bottom Dead Centre) and the volume of the chamber in relation to the adjusted displacement to maintain the prescribed compression ratio and the optimum conditions for combustion. References: Global solutions:

Advantages of this invention

- Continuously / infinitely Variable Compression Ratio & Variable displacement mechanism that offers a compression-ratio range from less than 7:1 to more than 20:1 and/or variable displacement in range 0-100% . - It is mechanical. - The crankshaft and the joints are conventional - The engine is compact - Ensure optimum combustion conditions and adapting to charge power engine, with direct implications on growth power and reduce consumption and the possibility of using different fuels (gasoline, ethanol, hydrogen, diesel, bio-diesel and other yet non-invented) - For variation of compression ratio the decrease of the consumption is 30 – 40 % and for variation of displacement is estimated a specifically decrease of consumption with 10-20% - My engine maintains only 80% components of a classical Otto engine and could be easily launch into production with minor modifications for VCR and only 50% for VD. - Allow parallel coupling of several related mechanisms to form a poly-cylindrical engine mechanism with a good dynamic balance.

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Patent Number : RO 116977, RO 115975, Patent application 2012

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