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Panel Building System
Panel Building SystemWe are currently seeking investors and manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention.
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Invention description

A very simple to manufacture building system and simple to erect - consists of a wall panel which unlike most USA panel systems has the internal and external surfaces applied in the factory over a rigid foam core. The panel has only its 2 surfaces, its fire retardancy, excellent sound and temperature insulation as its objective. The surfaces are chamfered on the side edges so that they can be flush jointed with plaster, or render compound. No joins! The structural aspects of the system are accommodated by a totally hidden connection system [steel or timber] which fit within slots or grooves in the sides, top and bottom of the panel. A unique mitred corner system with special mitre corner studs. No ugly corner details which are typical of most wall panel systems.  The system permits the appearance of a market accepted rendered masonry look at a fraction of rendered masonry cost, and can be flat packed rather than transported as a mobile building [where you are paying to transport open air.] Rather than a complete render over stood panels the system looks at a render paint system over render jointed vertical joints Much prior art has been studied in the development and invention by a very experienced builder and building inspector with experience in systemized building and off site manufacture. Potentially the best wall building system in the world, at a fraction of conventional costs!

Advantages of this invention

Reduces Number of Trades Involved in Building Whereas a conventional rendered brick veneer masonry wall requires substantial foundation, framer, insulator , bricklayer, and plasterer the trades are reduced to a panel erector and render/plaster jointer. Housing Affordability Sizeable reduction in cost of wall Better Wall System  More professional finish that can be transported as a flat-pack HOW THE TECHNOLOGY SOLVES THE PROBLEM Lighter, faster, cheaper, less trades involved in building, easier to transport and erect, and where market accepted finishes can be matched.

Inventor : Glenn Grinsted
Contact :

Patent Number : US 8,151,539 B2

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Panel Building SystemPanel Building SystemPanel Building System
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