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Vampire Charger Prevention Method
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Invention description

The California Energy Commission on a 3-0 vote Thursday 01/12/2011 approved first-in-the-nation efficiency standards targeting about 170 million so-called vampire charging systems in California that waste as much as 60% of the electricity they suck from outlets. Effective date is 02/01/2013 for Consumer Electronic Chargers; 01/01/2014 for Industrial Charger such as folklift chargers and 01/01/2017 for Commercial Equipment Chargers. The ubiquitous chargers — the average California home has 11 of them — have been dubbed "vampires" by energy experts. That's because they continuously draw small amounts of power from the grid when they're plugged into the wall, even if no device is connected to the charger or the device is attached but switched off. Vampire Electronics Stoppers, Inc. has developed a method of automatically start a charging cycle of a device and disconnected it from the power source when the charging cycle is completed, 100% eliminating the standby energy waste problem. Vampire Electronics Stoppers also has invented another method to eliminate all phantom electricity load or standby power consumption. This is accomplished with a simple in-line battery relay/circuitry. When the electronic product is turned off, its standby mode is powered by the battery in the circuit so when you activate the product to “wake” it up, it is ready for use. Once an electronic product is “awake” and operating normally the battery is re-charged

Advantages of this invention

Eliminating of standby energy, amounting to save enough electricity to power 350,000 homes, equivalent to a city the size of Bakersfield. The rules also are projected to shave an estimated $306 million a year off residential and commercial electricity bills.

Inventor : Hap Nguyen
Contact :

Patent Number : 61/571,401, 61/574,793 and 61/632,367

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