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The Forearm Crutch Putter
The Forearm Crutch PutterWe are currently seeking investors and manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention.
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Invention description

FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates generally to an apparatus for golf. More specifically, the present invention is a golf putter which also serves as a load bearing crutch. The objectives of this invention are to help an elderly golfer’s mobility around the putting green and to reduce the physical stresses associated with playing golf.

Advantages of this invention

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Transportation is the key to keeping the elderly and handicapped golf players in the game of golf. However, it is a common problem that the main source of transportation for these aforementioned groups of people, “the golf cart”, cannot drive onto the putting greens. This forces the elderly and handicapped players to walk a considerable amount of distance. In this situation the golfers are unable to use an effective mobility aid to help them on their walk because they must also carry their heavy golf equipment. This invention caters to this audience by providing a portable device that ensures their safety as well as enhances their golf playing ability.

Inventor : Frank Discolo
Contact :

Patent Number : 13191258

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The Forearm Crutch PutterThe Forearm Crutch PutterThe Forearm Crutch PutterThe Forearm Crutch PutterThe Forearm Crutch Putter
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