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Invention description

Description of the invention: TxtVisualizer understands the meaning of the sentence and translates it into motion pictures, into separate scenes, portraying, visually what was meant by the sentence or the text. Works only on sentences that can be represented visually. TxtVisualizer is a text to motion pictures software program working on meaningful sentences: you type in the sentence, the program understands the meaning of the sentence (that means you can say the same thing in other words) and starts a video file. The video file closes itself after the video finishes and the program is ready to process the next sentence.

Advantages of this invention

Problem solved by the invention and solution to this problem: There are many problems that can be solved with this invention. For example, one can have reading and writing problem, but he or she can look at a text, type it in, letter by letter, and by pressing "Enter" on the keyboard, see on a video what is meant. Another example would be that one has a problem activating, in writing, a remote device or machine, connected with ones computer. Our computer program will understand the written command and will activate the remote machine or device in the same way as it activates the video program with the correct video file. Similarly, the problem can be stopping a remote device or machine with a written command.

Inventor : TxtVisualizer
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Patent Number : 13198392

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