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Power generator
Power generatorWe are currently seeking investors and manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention.
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Invention description

In response to the increasing demand for cheaper energy, we propose a universal, maximally simplified drive, able to induce rotating movement of diverse machines and devices. The principle of its functioning is the change of the kinetic energy, propelling the synchro tie, into electrical energy. The kinetic energy generated by our drive creates a pure ecological energy, as it does not need any fuel. As a result, we get an alternating current or a direct current, depending on to which machine the drive is linked, with parameters suitable to the country where it will be employed. The whole is a mechanical system, simple and cheap, able to create electric energy, quite such as that in a socket, to supply an average household, directly where it is needed, without costly long-distance transfer.

Advantages of this invention

A drive system moved by the power of repelling magnets causes a big wheel to rotate. The big wheel induces the rotation of a smaller wheel, connected to the synchro tie of an alternator (if we want to obtain obtaining an a.c. current) or a generator (for a c.c. current) which, through a forced rotation, produces electric energy. This is a maximum simple and cheap system which produces alternating current non-stop for many years on end, where it is needed, without fuel or waste.

Inventor : Arkadiusz Fijalkowski
Contact :

Patent Number : Appl. n° 12841018

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Power generator
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