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Intelligent Fan Regulator
Intelligent Fan RegulatorWe are currently seeking investors and manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention.
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Invention description

Automatic fan speed control according to room temperature [Category : - ELECTRICITY & LIGHTING] [Viewed 399 times] Sub: New Innovation, Technology For Transfer, And Approved By National Innovation Foundation. Patent Pending, Agreement through NIF For more information please Contact Direct to Innovator Narayan Das Jethwani, E Mail: Mobile: + 91-092323 55432, Award winner product Very low manufacturing cost Highly profitable business During summer season, the temperature at night is initially quite high however as time passes, the temperature starts dropping. After falling asleep, the metabolic rate of one’s body decreases. Thus by then we start feeling cold but due to we being asleep will not be aware thus unable to vary the fan speed and any such cold feeling if awakens us then that disturbs our sleep cycle and this problems creates a situation of need to use blanket thicker than required to bear the actual room temperature at night because of artificially created extra coldness via the of faster fan speed. Thus electricity usage by fan about 100watts~80watts( depend on make) is more than what is required for the desired low speed operation of fan(approx 10 watts to 30watts). Thus this problem situation has 2 perspectives wherein in one perspective we end up spending more electricity than desired and in another perspective even on spending greater electricity we are not able to get the comfortable sleep expected on basis of usage of fan. This device is very useful for residents who reside in hilly & Seashore Area people suffer due to this problem thus making this controller an essential one. Temperature at 10 o clock is in 4 to 6 degree celcius range varies by huge temperature as time passes by between night and the morning sunrise. Automatic and manual non step but linear regulator in accordance with room temperature, makes it possible to save 40% to 50% of electricity and ensures comfortable uninterrupted sleep. The device can be made in 3 models. First method is by console wiring panel or open wiring. Small size PCB using SMD Components. SMD sealed Module (For copy protection) will be supplied by us to only technology buyers , The operating lifetime of this device will be around 5 years and usually it serves over many years beyond 5 years too. Installation of this device is easy series type wiring like other electronics regulators. Device is very useful for all areas where temperature variation overnight is considerably high. This device is safe and thus can be operated by people of all age group. Genesis of Innovation: NIF The idea of developing of auto control of ceiling fan in accordance with room temperature thrived in inventor’s mind during his stay in Bhutan where the temperature Drop during sunrise is very sharp as compared to night or evening temperature. During night or early morning when the temperature drops it’s very difficult to get up and change the speed of fan by using regulator manually. This made him sick on several occasions. Normally people tend to cover themselves and let the fan run at the same speed. This results in several types of illness in people and also causes wastage of electricity due to fan being operated at speed more than required thus spending 80~100 watts whereas the desired fan speed was the speed corresponding to 20 ~ 30 watts electricity consumption. This causes wastage of electricity along with resulting illness. Therefore, Mr. N. Das Jethwani decided to work out a solution for controlling the speed of fan. Manipulated with manipulation being done based on rise and fall of room temperature automatically, which will be economical and being easy to operate across people of all age range. The device performs the operation in an effective and efficient way.

Advantages of this invention

Saving Electricity 40% to 50% comfort also

Inventor : Narayan Das Jethwani
Contact :

Patent Number : Petent Pending

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Intelligent Fan Regulator
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