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Shambhala Myth: A powerful kingdom in the deep Earth
Shambhala Myth: A powerful kingdom in the deep Earth A planetary cataclysm forced the representatives of an ancient civilization to a world refugiezeintr underground. The inhabitants have control power to the surface world and push humanity to the apocalypse
Possibility of a mysterious land of ancient times up in a particularly fascinating. One of the works that addresses this issue belongs to Edward Lytton, author of "Last Days of Pompeii city. It describes in his book, next race, a subterranean world inhabited by a superior race vrill-ya, who planned to conquer the world from above.
On the same line, Rene Guénon recalls in his writings of a myth which states that, after a planetary disaster, the last representatives of an advanced civilization, developed in the territory occupied by present Podis Gobi took refuge in a huge system of caves dug into the depths of Himalayan chain. There, they were separated into two groups, each setting and its material and spiritual center: in Agartha Fortress is good, of contemplation and non-interference in the evolution of the surface world and Shambhala, City Power, its members focuses and to guide efforts to grabirii mankind to Revelation.
Other interpretations considered as Agartha Buddhist origin, it refers to an underground world with millions of inhabitants and many cities, all under the supreme rule of capital underworld, Shambhala, where he lives absolute leader, known in the Orient as the King of the World. It also believes that a network of secret tunnels connecting underground world of Tibet, like the secret chambers of the Pyramid of Gizeh leading to the depths. Chinese chronicles describe the mission of the kings sent ambassadors to the spirits of the celestial empire mountains. According to their territory coincides with the area shown on Tibetan maps, Kanjur and Tanjur, the hidden kingdom of Shambhala called them and the space in that region, deep in the earth would be populated by the descendants of survivors of the two continents sunk once in the Atlantic and Pacific, Atlantis and Mu.
An empire led
by King World
Mongol legends say that Shambhala is a real empire with 800 million subjects, led by King World. The capital is surrounded by cities that live high priests and scientists. King's Palace is surrounded by palaces masters, who possessed all visible and invisible forces of earth, hell and heaven. Governing the whole society is exercised by 5,000 scientists, 365 cardinals and 12 members of supreme initiation. United extends along all corridors subpamantene worldwide.
Persians called this huge underground empire Ariana, which is considered to be the country of origin of the Aryans. The leader is Rigden Iyepo underground empire, King World, which has as representative land the Dalai Lama. The legends and traditions relating to underground empire on earth will be speaking as from a third world war will be accompanied by earthquakes, a crack at the pole and other natural disasters which will disappear following more than half of the world population. After the last war, different breeds within the Earth to join with the survivors of the surface and all will live in peace in a "Golden Millennium".
According to ancient writings, Shambhala is bordered to the north of Siberia (snow country), south of Tibet and India, China Hotan east and west, which means it is located in Mongolia today. It says that to reach this hidden kingdom there are four access routes: one on the territory of Russia, another in India, a third in eastern Tibet and last in Borneo. Mysterious realm seems to lie everywhere below the earth's crust. From place to place, secret passages allow access inside or initiates. Many residents of Shambhalei are dispersed in all countries of the world, the coordinators of all secret societies occult power. The countries shown on old maps of ancient Tibetan appear not only Persia, Babylon, Judea and Egypt, but Shambhala. "United hidden" - it shows in Shambhala lan-Yia (Way to Shambhala) tibetan book written in the eighteenth century - is located in a mountainous area surrounded by very high peaks, steep and snowy. The famous explorer Nicholas Roerich learned from a priest-blade as the Potala (palace of the Dalai Lama in Lhasa) there is a grotto with a lake on which scientists only insiders. From this start several corridors that connects the enigmatic citadel Potala Shambhala. Other legends remember Ayodhya, stellar city, founded 6,000 years ago, was moved about 1,800 years before Christ, in the northern Himalayan Mountains, the Shambhala, called the Tibetan and Dejung.
Coming from outer space beings and their mysterious flying machines
In 1926, while Roerich's expedition approached Karakoram massif was observed Tasnim clear sky a bright disk, it suddenly changed direction of travel from south to south-west, making it invisible behind peak snowy the Humboldt Mountains. "It is a sign of Shambhala," they exclaimed priests-blade in the group immediately to the disk. In 1933, Briton Frank Smythe, escaladand Everest, had a similar experience. This time, two were reported UFO enveloped in a pulsating irizatie who crossed the sea to sky high speed. Strange aerial vehicles have been reported - According to Serge Hutin - and the other side of the globe, in the Mount Shasta. Book written by him appeared in 1961, before the wave of reports of UFOs that have befallen the U.S. in six and seven decades of the last century. It is hard to believe - experts say UFOs - that Roerich and Smythe trying to produce a sensation with their stories, something that the rapporteurs are accused modern UFO. The phenomena described by them were, however, very clear for local: "Signs of Shambhala. A Mongolian legend says that "in Agartha, scientists sign on tablets of stone all the science of our planet, but other worlds". Based on ancient Tibetan manuscripts, Italian scientist Giuseppe Tucci mentions that Shambhala was led by beings came from outer space, holders of an extremely advanced science have tried to ensure its perpetuation.
Arrived on Earth millions of years ago, they had the mission to accelerate the evolution of the planet and the future of humankind. Founders hidden realm would have followed them trained human beings who have not only inherited the knowledge preserved, but permanent and discreet scale ascent history of mankind.
posted on 06-11-2009
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