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Natural cure cancer with Aloe Vera
Natural cure cancer with Aloe Vera The newspaper LISTINA "in Santo Domingo was published a month ago an article described a natural remedy against cancarului conducted by a Franciscan monk, Fray Romano, now a professor at seminars Belén.

"I treat cancer and each person can do without to make miracles, just applying the products they produce Mother Nature. Before you give the recipe, I want to tell you about my personal experience the blessed Recipes. I know several people who were cured after drinking the remedy, which were given only one month to live, with various types of cancer in terminal stage. The recipe for cancer:
1. - ½ or 1 kg of honey
2. Leaves 2 large or 3 small leaves of Aloe Sábila (Vera)

3. 3 tablespoons cognac, whiskey or brandy (as a dilator) Wipe dust from the leaves and thorns removed. Then, the plant is cut into small pieces. So cut the plant, introduce all the elements in a blender and mixes licuador up is a viscous paste. This may already employ. It can be put in the refrigerator or drop out after each desire.

NOT BE PART Remove outer leaves nor move this process through SITA!
Roman monk gives advice that should be a large spoon 3 times daily 15 minutes before each meal. The cure should last at least 10 days and only if tests show that you have not had the expected result, it can still repeat 4 times, until complete remission. What is mentioned is that skin abscesses may occur, but this is a good symptom and we should not îngrijor─âm.â counts saying that if dupap rhyme part of treatment (10 days) do not see the desired results, repeat treatment after those tests were done to see if the tumor did not yield to make however to 4 treatments (of each 10 days) to total healing. For 6 years, the monks used this remedy for free, with best results. To treat dozens of people in Belén and environs. He says that not only treats cancer but also prevents it.

Treating skin cancer, brain, lung, prostate, leukemia, etc.. It also says that he treated a young nun, only 29 years, sick of sclerosis. Those who want a testimony from a person who was cured of lung cancer, you may contact Mr. Fausto Pimentel in Santo Domingo, the phone.: (809) 247-2316.

posted on 23-10-2009
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